There are many jobs available out there from minimum wage jobs to six-figure and up executive positions.  Even though you may feel you are a good fit for a job, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are.

A perfect example would be the Administrative Assistant.  This job sounds like it would be a fit for anyone that can answer a phone, take a message or have minimal typing and filing skills.  But don’t be fooled.  An administrative assistant is much, much more than that.  Most offices employ administrative assistants that have specific experience and knowledge that coincide with their type of business ie; medical, educational, manufacturing, etc.

So take a look at your own skill set and how it can best be used.  If you have education in a field, start there.  If you have experience in a field, try that.  You may also consider a job that has similar skill requirements but in a different industry. If you’re interested in something new, look for a job that offers training.

At Alternative Employment, we have many jobs available in many fields.  We are a staffing agency that can help you understand what type of job you qualify for.  We have the contacts to help you get your foot in the door of a company that may offer the chance you need to change your life.  Call today to find out!


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