Every interviewer has their own style.  It is important to understand there is no right or wrong standard job interview.  The interviewer is asking questions to better learn who you are and about your background.  The more information they gather about you, the better decision they can make as to whether you will be the right fit for the position.


Here are some of the responses I gathered from “interviewing our interviewers”:


  • What do you notice about a candidate on first impression? How a candidate is dressed, their hygiene and level of motivation.
  • What are some important factors of a job interview? Being early or on time, attention to self-presentation as in attire and cleanliness, eye contact, and good communication skills.
  • What should a candidate bring to a job interview? Proper identification, a copy of their resume and a positive attitude.
  • Do you have any advice for a candidate in the course of a job interview? Show confidence in yourself and your abilities, know your resume and be prepared to answer questions openly and honestly.


Some closing comments to end the job interview should include thanking the interviewer for their time and indicating you look forward to hearing from them.


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