To All Local Small Businesses

We as a country are in uncertain times in our personal and business lives.  This is a pivotal time and we must all reassess our immediate goals. In order to maintain our subsistence, it is essential that we pull together.

Alternative Employment is prepared to help.  We would like to extend our business partnership proposal with your prestigious company.  We are familiar with the needs of small businesses and the importance of timely deadlines.

We would like to offer temporary employees to fill in the gaps to keep your business up and running.  Whether you need one employee or a full staff for a day, week or month, we can send you the support you need.  Alternative Employment will provide reliable employees to effectively fulfill your staffing needs.

We firmly believe that this business partnership will prove to be a wonderful opportunity for both our companies to prosper together.  We WILL get through these trying times and form a mutually beneficial relationship on all counts.

If you need help fast, call Alternative Employment today to learn about the services we offer.  860-489-1463