What’s on your Christmas List?

If you’re a business owner, you have a lot on your mind; business relations, supplies, stock, orders, insurance, bills, on and on.  One of the largest concerns, however, is staff.   You rely on your staff to “run the show”. If you’re short staffed, it affects every aspect of your business.

What happens when a staff member calls out, goes on leave or vacation or worse; quits.  Now you have even more on your mind.  You have to free up time and money to advertise for a replacement.   Next, you have to eliminate resumes that aren’t a match for your business until you find one, maybe two (if you’re lucky) that do qualify.  Then set aside time for interviews that fit your schedule and the schedule of the candidate.  Eventually after lost time and money, you sit down with someone who you decide just won’t work out.  Back to square 1.

How would you like to skip all these unnecessary burdens? 

The good news is, you have a friend in the staffing business!  Alternative Employment can do all the leg work for you.  Let us be your external employment office.  We take pride in the talent we provide for your staffing needs.

Call us today to learn how we can deliver exactly what’s on your Christmas List, a FULL STAFF!



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