Have you ever seen a job listing advertised in the manufacturing field designated “Quality” and wonder just what that means?  There are many different categories and levels of Quality.  Here is a brief summary of a few Quality positions:


Quality Assurance –  Responsible for maintaining and reporting on performance standards for the quality of service provided.  Expected to help training departments build training and refresher sessions that articulate the correct process.

Quality Control Inspector-  Performs visual inspection of processed parts insuring that parts conform to customer specifications in all required aspects.  Inspects and adjusts gauges, measuring instruments and testing equipment for conformance to blueprint specifications.

Quality Manager-  Assists in implementation, maintenance and compliance.   Manages the assigned functions, final inspection, receiving inspection and calibrations.

Quality Engineer-  Has overall accountability for implementation, oversight and adherence of quality directives through the company. Ensures that ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ and ‘Best Manufacturing Practices’ are implemented, understood and enforced.

Quality Technician-  Assists in the resolution of product quality issues with engineering, manufacturing, etc.  Has the ability to read blueprints.

Quality Director-  Leads a team of quality leaders, quality engineers and quality inspectors who support quality and inspection for all production.  Provides leadership and executes on-going inspection workflow and day to day production.


~Keep in mind, these are not the only requirements for a Quality position.  Many of these positions implement a required amount of education and training as well as experience.~


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