There are so many different ways to search for a job.  Considering the job you are searching for will affect how you actually go about it.  Just as there are a wide variety of jobs, there are a wide variety of ways to search for jobs.


  • Starting with the old fashioned “pound the pavement”, meaning knock on doors of places you’d like to work.  Fair warning though, this type of practice has most certainly been taken over by the digital age.
  • Newspapers and local traders have a classified section that businesses can advertise job openings.  The business will give you their mailing address or email to send your resume.  Then you wait.
  • There are some businesses that still have their own Human Resources Department (HR). You go to their HR office and ask what, if any, jobs they have available. If there is a job opening you are interested in, you would then complete their application and in some cases wait to hear back from somebody in a long line of somebodys. Some day.
  • The internet is another way to search for a job.  You can search for a job you are interested in and best suited for.  There are many websites that will allow you to complete an online application or upload your resume.  This sometimes is a shot in the dark because you’re not actually in contact with a human being and depending on the website and job; it could be a worldwide shot in the dark.
  • There are staffing agencies that hire for companies. My personal favorite is Alternative Employment Inc. in Torrington, CT.  These agencies already have jobs available.  They will have an application ready for you to complete, conduct an interview on the spot and contact you when they match you with a company that best suits your preferences and experience. At AEI, there is no fee for this.


So however you go about searching for a job, consider all these possibilities and which best suits your needs.


Check back tomorrow for advice on what type of job you should apply for.


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