Do you need a Cover Letter?




A cover letter allows you to show how unique you are and helps you stand out from other candidates.

A good cover letter allows potential employers a glance into you before they ever spend their time reviewing your resume.  It makes you more interesting to the reader aka the employer.

Writing your cover letter is basically telling the story of who you are, what your objective is and why you would be the right choice for the job.  This is your chance to introduce yourself, elaborate on your skills and experience, and encourage the employer to read your resume.  You may also choose to include a request for an interview.

So be sure to write a professional yet personable cover letter.  Be genuine, creative and appealing.  Do your best to capture the interest of the employer so they will want to learn more about you ie.. your resume. Remember, a captivating cover letter sets you apart before the employer ever tolls over the pile of resumes from other potential employees vying for the same job.


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